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How does one prepare for the sale of a home while keeping a level head throughout showings, inspections and negotiations, while riding the emotional wave per se’ towards a smooth and successful closing?

Selling a home can be emotionally gratifying for many as one is giddy with anticipation, adventure, excitement and ready to embrace the financial rewards of their decision. For others the experience is fraught with nerves, nightmares and stress associated with the struggle to disentangle oneself from the emotional attachment to the home.  We have numerous clients, both traditional homeowners and investors’ that prefer to use our platinum for For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing Service as a full service intermediary to lessen the stress associated with all aspects of the sale. There are many homeowners who have years of memories vested into a property as well as investors who have emotionally invested time and money into designing and remodeling homes. Removing emotions from the equation can prove challenging for anyone. 

  1. WHY are you selling your home?  Whether buying or selling real estate, you need to prepare for the sale and get yourself 100% on board with that mindset.
  • WHAT IS NEXT? Ensure you have a place to go and a plan to get there.
  • REAL ESTATE IS AN ASSET.  Shift your mindset and acknowledge you are selling a physical piece of real estate.  The sale of this pivotal asset will enable you to move forward on your next path as you journey through life.
  • DEPERSONALIZE the property. Removing personal items from the property will assist with the mindset of selling real estate – not your memories. Additionally, this will enable the Buyer to envision living in the space while simultaneously helping you prepare for the sale and your own relocation.
  • Did you know? Accepting an offer that is thousands of dollars less than another offer because you personally think the buyer will be a better fit for the neighborhood is not an intelligent decision-it is an emotional decision.  This decision not only costs you money, it hinders your neighbors’ ability to sell for a higher price as you just skewed the comparables – doing everyone including yourself a disservice.
  • Did you know? Selling your home to OpenDoor, OfferPad, American Homes or many of the other cash, quick close companies is not an intelligent decision-it is an emotional decision. These organizations tempt you to sell low by enticing you with a quick, cash closing. This decision not only costs you money, it hinders your neighbors’ ability to sell for a higher price, as you just skewed the comparables – doing everyone including yourself a disservice.

Your journey through life will be filled with many paths bestowing you with myriad emotional highs and lows. Selling your home incorporates a process of steppingstones, including some of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you will ever make, while preparing you to embark on the next path in your journey. Knowing how emotions affect your decision making will empower you to make intelligent decisions as to what home selling process works best for you and your family.

When the time comes to sell the home and realize a financial gain on your investment, it may be prudent for a homeowner to consider utilizing an Ohio Broker Direct Flat Fee MLS Listing rather than going the traditional route.

Selling your home on your own without the assistance of a traditional service Real Estate Brokerage will require both commitment and due diligence for which you may be rewarded by saving thousands of dollars in commissions. Maximizing marketing exposure is key. We have SOLD well over a BILLION DOLLARS in Real Estate & Saved Sellers Millions of Dollars in Real Estate commissions. Please contact our team to learn how the For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing Options at Ohio Broker Direct will enhance your marketing exposure to ensure a more expeditious sale, yielding a higher price with better terms that suit your specific needs. Reach out to us directly, visit our blog page or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information to ensure you have the knowledge to maximize your profit.


Joan Elflein and Tana Lantry, Brokers / Ohio Broker Direct Ohio Broker Direct & its Brokers or Associates assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in this blog, we advise all participants engaged in the buying or selling of Real Estate to enlist the services of a Real Estate Attorney.

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