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One of our Central Ohio Buyers went from loan application to closing in ONLY 9 DAYS! The buyer made formal application with Andy Beigel of NFM lending, which required a full appraisal, on Wednesday 01.25.23 and it closed on Friday 02.03.23  –ONLY 9 DAYS FROM APPLICATION TO CLOSING!

The vast majority of lenders require 30-45 days to facilitate a loan, and many do not offer an expansive array of loan products that may best serve the needs of the Buyer. Therefore, noting this was facilitated so expeditiously, we would be remiss if we did not blog about it. This is not an anomaly as Andy closed another one for us in northeast Ohio, requiring full appraisal, in 12 days. We have the utmost respect for Andy and his FABULOUS team Leslie and Kati for pulling this off… Our Buyer is ecstatic, and we would encourage any Buyer or Real Estate Agent looking for an outstanding lender to reach out to Andy at 614.362.5482 or Beigelteam@NFMlending.com to learn more about what he can do for you! Visit his website to learn more about the myriad of loan products available in today’s marketplace.

To our shared success,

Joan Elflein and Tana Lantry, Brokers


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