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Ohio Report cards for Air Quality, Education, EMF and Health care.


Today’s blog is short and designed to provide consumers with access links to review Ohio Report cards for Air Quality, Education, EMF and Health care.


Ohioans are justifiably concerned about air quality as both the train derailment in East Palestine and Canadian wildfires fires, which span more than 36,000 square miles, have impacted millions of people with winds spreading toxins and smoke throughout our state. The American Lung Association created an extensive reporting system / Ohio Report card enabling users to search by zip code and state to learn about the quality of air based upon ozone, particle pollution and how many members of each area are at risk of adverse health effects associated therewith.


June 30th Ohio lawmakers reached a deal on the state budget which allows universal vouchers for all K-12 students based on family income. Students whose families earn up 450% of federal poverty will be able to get a full EdChoice scholarship to help them cover the cost of attending private schools. Students whose families earn more qualify for smaller scholarships. That’s a 77% increase ($825 million) over current voucher spending. Homeschooling is not funded by the state, however families receive tax credits and students are eligible for CCP, ACE, and EdChoice vouchers. Ohio School Report Cards provide parents additional insight while facilitating research of the Ohio public school system.


There are numerous ways Ohioans can research the myriad of healthcare offerings throughout the state.  About Health Transparency is an organization that provides extensive information via searchable report cards by state, region and nationally. Whether one is researching Ohio Report cards for Insurance, Long Term Care, Medicare options, Hospitals, Physicians or the various alternative health care choices in the Ohio market-place, they must consider the services offered and any pending legislation that may impact those options. Ohio is one of many states that have proactively enacted legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. However, the Healthcare Price Transparency law that was to take effect in 2017 is still not enforced due to legal challenges by healthcare providers who have decreed potential patients are not entitled to a good faith estimate as to the cost of procedures, even if they are uninsured.


Electromagnetic fields has been of great concern to those living near cell towers and 5-G systems as there is substantial debate regarding the evidence of health issues associated with exposure. EMF is a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components.  Home inspectors generally do not testing for magnetic fields as they are beyond the scope of their skillset, although there are companies that do specialize in EMF testing. The EPA provides a radiation calculator to estimate radiation exposures.

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