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Save Money With a Flat Fee MLS Listing!

Are you a homeowner looking to save some serious cash when it comes time to sell your home? Look no further than a flat fee MLS listing service! This innovative alternative to hiring a traditional Real Estate Agent could answer your money-saving prayers.

The Basics

What exactly is a flat fee MLS listing service? According to UpNest, it is a service that allows homeowners all the benefits of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) marketing exposure for a flat fee, rather than paying the traditional 6% commission to a full service Real Estate Agent. Sellers have collectively saved millions of dollars in real estate commissions by choosing to work with flat fee MLS listing services.

The Benefits

Here is why this option may be an excellent fit for you. If you are a homeowner confident in selling your house independently but do not have access to the MLS system, you will not be able to maximize your marketing exposure. Most Buyers start their search on websites that feed directly from the MLS, and by opting for a flat fee MLS listing service, you benefit from this valued system as your home will be listed alongside those listed by traditional Real Estate Agents.

Another benefit of using a flat fee MLS listing service is that you maintain greater control over the sale of your home. You can schedule all showings at your convenience, vet each buyer to ensure they are qualified to purchase your home, and facilitate all negotiations as you deem appropriate, all while receiving exceptional marketing exposure on numerous websites via the MLS system.

The Numbers

Selling a home can be expensive, especially when a traditional Real Estate Agent receives a hefty commission from the total sales price. For example, if a home listed with a traditional real estate brokerage is sold for $500,000, the 6% commission will cost the seller $30,000. By opting to utilize a flat fee MLS listing service, homeowners can specify what they are willing to pay to a buyer brokerage, whether a flat fee or percentage of the sales price, while reserving the right to sell to a private party without a buyer agent involved and paying zero dollars in commissions. This approach has the potential to save the seller thousands of dollars in commissions, allowing the Seller to either put more cash in their pocket post-sale, or leverage the savings towards the purchase of a new home.

So, what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. According to UpNest, while there may be a small upfront fee for the flat fee MLS listing service, the savings on commission fees will far outweigh this expense in the long run.

Ready to explore the option of a flat fee MLS listing service? Learn more about this excellent option by contacting our team here at Ohio Broker Direct. Your wallet will thank you!

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