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In the interest of full disclosure, we are not professional bloggers. I have been in the real estate industry for decades and I have worked with Big Box style Brokerage Firms as well as Smaller Independent Brokerage Firms. Tana Lantry and I genuinely believe there is more than enough business in this industry to support all types of business models and the focus should be on what is in the best interest of the client or customer. A Broker or Agent must advocate on behalf of their client or customer and, when necessary, one should recommend a client seek a full service Brokerage or Virtual Flat Fee Brokerage Service based upon what would best service their needs at that time. It is imperative that Brokers and Agents behave ethically and professionally.  We can both honestly acknowledge we have lost track of how many times we have heard Agents and Brokers make the statement ‘I have seen it all’. Folks -this is real estate and you may be assured the moment you think you’ve seen it all—you haven’t seen anything yet. It is our intention to post blogs individually and collectively to address actions, events, litigation, stories, and unusual situations that may be of interest to you.  We invite your interaction, you are welcome to share.

To our shared success,

Joan Elflein and Tana Lantry, Brokers

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