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Cleveland, OH MLS Listings

Cleveland MLS Flat Fee Listings

The traditional home selling process can be a stressful endeavor filled with fees that quickly pile up, diminishing the return on your investment. Cleveland is one of the premier real estate markets in the state of Ohio, and we’re here to make sure that you get every penny you deserve when selling your home. 

By listing your home directly on the MLS market, you can eliminate the 3-7% fee traditionally taken by a selling agent. At Ohio Broker Direct, we are proud to offer the best flat fee MLS service in Cleveland, and we are committed to being with you every step of the way in selling your home. If you would like to learn more about our listing options and how Ohio Broker Direct can save you thousands on the sale of your home, feel free to visit our listing options page.

How can I list my house in Cleveland as for sale by owner using your flat fee MLS service?

With Ohio Broker Direct, the process of listing your Cleveland house as for sale by owner is streamlined. Just ready your property, determine its market value, and then showcase it on the Cleveland MLS using our affordable flat fee service to maximize reach and cost-efficiency.

Is employing a realtor a must to sell a home in Cleveland, Ohio?

Having a realtor in Cleveland isn't obligatory, but many homeowners prefer the added layer of expertise. Ohio Broker Direct's flat fee MLS service offers widespread exposure akin to what a realtor provides but without the heavy commission costs.

Would you recommend having legal counsel when selling a home in Cleveland?

In Ohio, while it's not mandatory to secure legal counsel, it's advantageous for complex property dealings. With the insights and MLS service from Ohio Broker Direct, you can smoothly and affordably maneuver through the sales trajectory.

What prompts Cleveland homeowners to choose FSBO listings?

FSBO allows Cleveland homeowners to helm their sales process and often leads to savings on significant realtor commissions. Our flat fee MLS service at Ohio Broker Direct fortifies this choice, ensuring broad market exposure at a cost-effective rate.

How should I proceed to sell my personal real estate in Cleveland, Ohio?

The steps to sell personal real estate in Cleveland closely resemble traditional home sale processes. By leveraging Ohio Broker Direct's flat fee MLS offering, you're ensured the right visibility to potential buyers without the hefty costs.

What are the primary advantages and potential obstacles of selling a home by owner in Cleveland, Ohio?

The main attraction of selling by owner in Cleveland is the potential for substantial savings on agent fees. The challenge often lies in self-directing the sale, but Ohio Broker Direct streamlines this with our comprehensive and pocket-friendly service.