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Ohio Realtor Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Or
CREXI (commercial Real Estate Exchange) / FACTS

Why work directly with Ohio Broker Direct?  WE HAVE SOLD OVER A BILLION DOLLARS OF REAL ESTATE THROUGHOUT OHIO AND OUR SELLERS HAVE SAVED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN COMMISSIONS! Ohio Broker Direct does NOT employ Buyers Agents to work Sellers’ leads – ALL LEADS ARE DIRECTED TO THE SELLER. This ensures the Seller the opportunity to Sell their property with zero commissions to anyone!  Some competitors (often directly affiliated with national For Sale by Owner websites) offer a similar “fixed-fee” programs often with numerous hidden fees and work the Buyer’s leads in-house or via referral – effectively removing the Seller’s opportunity to Sell it without paying a commission at all! Our experience and quality of customer service is incomparable! Our Sellers have recommended us to other For Sale By Owner Sellers as the BEST Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in Ohio.

Listing terms & facts:

A listing placed in CREXI or the MLS is the most effective form of advertising available. It has proven to be significantly more effective than newspaper classifieds, open houses and For Sale signs combined. Such forums provide the marketing exposure necessary to obtain the highest possible price in the least amount of time. Ohio Broker Direct, LLC’s fee for service listing programs provides maximum exposure via CREXI, the REALTOR® MLS and numerous other websites, as permissible in conjunction with the rules and regulations CREXI or the Local of Realtors as applicable.

  • Studies have indicated that nearly 75% of home buyers find their homes through agents using the MLS. Therefore, For Sale By Owner home Sellers who do not utilize the MLS system may be missing out on approximately 3/4 of the market.
  • Many commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers do not belong to the MLS and utilize the CREXI (Commercial Real Estate Exchange) which is specifically designed for those Selling Apartments, Commercial, development, Industrial Land and Warehouse properties. Many MLS services restrict access to their listings where as listings placed in CREXI have significantly greater visibility making this platform the better choice for Commercial Sellers.
  • All clients of Ohio Broker Direct who list their apartment building, commercial property, development property, farm, home, industrial, land, multi family or warehouse via our For Sale By Owner Service solutions have the potential to save thousands of dollars. 

  • More exposure, a higher sales price, faster selling time all for a minimal fee!


Commercially qualified Listings shall be placed in CREXI which permits 100 pictures & services all of Ohio. Residential or multi-family properties with 4 or less units will be placed in the appropriate MLS Multiple Listing Service are  (See Ohio Counties Served):  Central Ohio and Firelands permits the posting of 99 pictures, 75 pictures may be posted in Dayton & 74 pictures may be posted in the W.R.I.S.T. MLS. Cincinnati and Northwest Ohio/Toledo permits the posting of 50 pictures, and West Central/Lima Ohio MLS permit the posting of 36 pictures; 35 pictures may be posted in the MLS NOW/North East Ohio MLS.  All requests for updates/changes to the MLS listing must be made in writing – Email is an acceptable form of communication/instruction.  Listings and changes requests shall be facilitated within 48 hours of receipt excluding weekends and holidays.

Ohio Broker Direct, LLC will allow the Client to withdraw the listing without an early termination penalty. Listings will be activated and uploaded into the CREXI or MLS platform within 48 hours of receipt of all properly executed documents and pictures unless Client has instructed otherwise in writing (excluding weekends and holidays). There will be no refunds once the listing has been activated in the either platform. Client has 6 months from the date of purchase to submit all documents and pictures required to activate the listing, at which point there will be no refunds unless otherwise agreed to in writing by all parties. Ohio Broker Direct, LLC reserves the right to terminate the listing without notice and without recourse should it be discovered the Client is not the owner or authorized Seller of the property, or has in any way violated Ohio law, CREXI or MLS rules and/or regulations or terms of the listing agreement. This includes, but is not limited to a Client instructing Ohio Broker Direct, LLC or its Broker and/or agents in any way not to comply with the laws, regulations or terms set forth by the Ohio revised code, CREXI or MLS. In the event a property has not sold during the listing period the Client, at the Brokers discretion, may renew the listing for a minimal fee of $100.00 as long as the listing is renewed and payment received prior to the expiration date.

There may be external websites that may feed from CREXI or MLS; both the websites that feed and the manner in which they feed data is constantly changing.  Some websites may be slow to download while others are faster.  We have very limited control over the content of these sites.  Fortunately, Ohio Broker Direct feeds to more sites than other real estate companies, although, those sites are also constantly changing and can no specific site can ever be guaranteed. CREXI and each MLS establishes their own contracts with different sites.  Ohio Broker Direct, LLC does not have control over the rules and regulations of these entities nor the contracts to which they join or deny – rules and regulations are subject to change at any time through CREXI or any MLS.