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10 Reasons why YOU should CHOOSE Ohio Broker Direct over other Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokerages


If you are Selling YOUR home, commercial real estate, multi-family or land as a For Sale By Owner and are looking to enhance your marketing exposure with an Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing, you need to know there are numerous 3rd party vendors, scammers and downright unethical people who may be targeting your business.  If it sounds to good to be true – then run away-don’t walk. There are MANY companies advertising they will list YOUR property for a minimal fee, while the reality is they will blindside you at the closing table with a variety of processing fees and hidden commissions.


1.  ALL LEADS DIRECTED TO THE SELLER – This enables you to sell your property without any buyer agents involved saving even more money! We put your name, number, and email address directly into the flat fee MLS, ensuring showing requests are not delayed.


2.  CONTROL – You have complete control of all scheduling, open houses, inspections, negotiations and timeline – less people involved expedites the sale!  Additionally, 3rd party sites, such as showtime do NOT vet the Buyer or their Agent – where-as you, the Seller, have every right to ask if the Buyer is pre-approved at or above List Price, verify their timeline for purchasing and whether or not they have any pending litigation (such as a divorce) which may cause a delay in the timeline to close.


3.  EXPERIENCE – When you list with Ohio Broker Direct you are working with experienced Real Estate Professionals with years of experience – you are not assigned to an Agent who lacks the experience, skill set or training OR a Broker who lives in another state or is operating out of the country!  Brokers are required to have a higher level of education, experience and knowledge than your traditional real estate agent, a wonderful advantage to Sellers utilizing a flat fee listing package with contract review and additional negotiation services. It is imperative to select a Broker who has extensive knowledge about the ever-changing trends in the Ohio market place.


4.  LATEST TECHNOLOGY– We provide our Builders, Investors, For Sale By Owner and cost-conscious Clients the same exposure in the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with IDX feeds to the variety websites as you would have if you paid 6% or more to list with a traditional real estate company! Please note: Many other Flat Fee MLS Listing Companies do NOT belong to multiple MLS’s and therefore place listings in MLS’s that are in other cities or states! This prevents the Seller from optimizing their listing to ensure maximum exposure so as to compete for highest and best offers.


5.  LESS COMMITMENT – With Ohio Broker Direct YOU may CANCEL your Flat Fee MLS Listing AT ANY TIME without penalty. Many companies will lock you into a 6-month contract without an option to cancel, while others charge up to 1.5% of this list price if you choose to cancel early.


6.  LOWER COSTS – You, the SELLER sets the commission (if any) offered to the Buyer Brokerage, whereas most brokerages including Houzeo require the Seller to offer 2.5% or 3% of the sales price. Our Sellers often offer zero dollars, a flat fee or percentage of the sale price. Some Sellers offer bonuses and all our Sellers reserve the right to negotiate as they deem appropriate! Additionally, we forward ALL leads directly to the Seller which offers the Seller the opportunity to Sell their property without paying a commission to anyone!


7.  NO BACK END PROCESSING FEES – You will NOT be Charged BACK-END FEES whereas many Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokerages charge back end
processing fees ranging from a couple hundred dollars to 1.5% of the sales price!


8.  NO CHANGE FEES – You will NOT be charged a fee for updating your listing. Many Brokerages charge a fee of $25 to $75 every time the Seller wants to post an open house, change pictures, modify the price or any other update!


When you list with Ohio Broker Direct you are working with real estate professionals who live and work in Ohio, you are NOT paying a 3rd party company to refer you to another Brokerage (The lowest bidder). Therefore, you will NOT have the risk of being referred to an inexperienced Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent, Realtor offering an inferior skill set, or even worse – one that does NOT live in Ohio or in the United States of America! Said Agents, Brokers and 3rd party companies lack the level of knowledge and skill set to advise or negotiate based upon the trending market place conditions in your area.

  • Here are just a few examples of 3rd party referral sites: Byownerflatfeemls.com, Cornerstone MLS, Fizber.com, Flatfeemls.com, Flatfeemlslisting.com. Flatfeehomeselling.com, Forsalebyowner.com, FSBO.com, Houzeo, Listwithfreedom.com, MLSsupport.com, MLSmyhome.com, etc. 3rd party companies are NOT in business to find the best For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Service with Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing options to service your needs, they are ONLY concerned with maximizing their profit. Listing with Ohio Broker Direct ensures you that ALL leads are being forwarded to you directly, enabling you the BEST OPPORTUNITY to sell your home paying zero dollars in commissions to anyone!

 10.  REFERENCES – You may view numerous testimonials on our website, or upon request, we can place you in direct contact with one or more of our current or former client(s) so you have a true understanding of the quality of service we offer!



If you later decide an Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing is not for you, we will match you with an experienced, local full-service Realtor with a proven track record of success. This Realtor will set you up with a staging consultation if needed, as well as professional photography to be included with your listing. In addition, their Brokerage will credit you a sum equal to the flat fee you had originally paid to Ohio Broker Direct (credited at closing), with a maximum credit $299.00.  This bonus is offered on listings greater than $150K where coverage is available.