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The Cincinnati skyline at twilight, a vibrant real estate market that can benefit from flat fee MLS services in Cincinnati

Selling a Home in Cincinnati? Why Flat Fee MLS Might Be Your Best Choice

In Cincinnati’s real estate market, homeowners have many options to consider when selling their homes. Selling strategies that involve professional firms and agents are typically the first to pop into a seller’s mind, but a flat fee MLS listing continues to be a trending option that deserves more attention and consideration. If you’re considering selling a home in Cincinnati, here’s why flat fee MLS could be your best option.

How to Understand Traditional Listings

Traditionally, selling a home in Cincinnati meant partnering with a real estate agent and forking over a substantial commission upon sale, which could be as much as 7% of the home’s final sale price. While agents can offer certain market expertise in some instances, clearly they also come with a hefty price tag, especially in an area like Cincinnati that has many desirable attributes and so many different options for types of homes and specific locations.

Enter Flat Fee MLS

So, what exactly is flat fee MLS and how does it work? Instead of paying a percentage-based commission to an agent, homeowners pay a predetermined fee to list their property on the Multiple Listing Service, or the MLS for short. Homes sell quickly in Cincinnati, with the average home being snatched up in just 3-6 days at a median price of $290,000 during this past July, which is up nearly 7.4% compared to last year. In a large and competitive urban area like this, every dollar counts, and the MLS offers a great opportunity to achieve the best return on your sale, along with other attractive benefits that we’ll continue to detail.

The Savings Benefits of Flat Fee MLS

Imagine selling a home worth $290,000. In a traditional commission structure, you could end up surrendering upwards of $20,500. However, with flat fee MLS, the cost is just that – a flat fee, which could translate to savings in the tens of thousands like this buyer in Lebanon. As a Cincinnati area homeowner, imagine what you could do with that money you would otherwise be giving to a real estate agent.

More Control and Autonomy

One of the other great benefits of flat fee MLS is the greater control it affords homeowners. Instead of relying entirely on an agent’s schedule and selling style, homeowners have the flexibility to manage showings, negotiate prices, and have a more hands-on role in the sale. Having a more proactive role is empowering for many sellers, and continues to be a benefit that more homeowners are attracted to in the current day.

A Simpler Process with Modern Tools

Modern flat fee MLS providers and platforms offer homeowners access to valuable and updated market insights, accurate property stats, improved exposure of their homes on the market, and other conveniences that simplify the selling process. In a highly competitive market, these are invaluable pieces of the puzzle for making smart marketing decisions and for selling your home efficiently.

The Cincinnati real estate market is certainly a hotbed of activity, but flat fee MLS stands out as a smart, cost-effective choice for homeowners to help them navigate this arena. As you embark on your home selling journey, consider the potential savings of the MLS and the other benefits we’ve listed here. At Ohio Broker Direct, we’re dedicated to our clients’ success and love nothing more than to help homeowners reach their selling goals. Explore our carefully catered Cincinnati listing options or send us a message and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.

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