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January 1, 2022

A gavel lies on a dark wooden surface next to a small white house model with an orange roof. The house model is perched atop a black, circular base that resembles a judge's bench block, symbolizing the legal considerations in real estate transactions.

What is Wholesaling Real Estate in Ohio? 

Dive into the legalities of real estate wholesaling in Ohio. Understand the need for a broker’s license, the importance of due diligence, and the latest legislative updates with Ohio Broker Direct. Stay ahead in the market by making informed decisions and advocating for fair practices in the dynamic landscape of Ohio real estate wholesaling.

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Two individuals shaking hands over a table with a small red-roofed house model, a contract, a laptop, and glasses, symbolizing a real estate agreement.

Ohio Realtors Advocating For Buyer Representation Agreements After Commission Lawsuits – Who Benefits?

This article delves into the complexities surrounding Buyer Representation Agreements in Ohio, highlighting the need for transparency and ethical standards within the real estate industry. We examine the implications for buyers and professionals, advocating for a collaborative approach to ensure fairness and integrity. Join us in exploring the path towards more equitable real estate transactions and the role of advocacy in shaping consumer-friendly legislation.

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A cell phone screen displaying an incoming call from an unknown caller

How to Protect Your Privacy in the Real Estate Industry

In this post, we delve into the importance of protecting your privacy in the real estate market. Learn how to effectively opt-out of unsolicited communications, safeguarding yourself against spam calls, emails, and phishing attempts. Ohio Broker Direct advocates for your rights, offering guidance on navigating these challenges. Join us in championing a more secure, transparent, and ethical industry.

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A judge sitting with a gavel on top of a pile of money

Keller Williams Case and Its Implications for Real Estate Transparency

In this post, we delve into the Keller Williams settlement and its far-reaching implications for real estate transparency and fairness. We examine how this pivotal case influences For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and flat fee MLS listings, highlighting Ohio Broker Direct’s commitment to leading the industry towards greater equity and clarity.

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A real estate agent at a desk is handing a purchase contract to another person to sign

Buyer Agency Agreements: Enforcement or Termination

Discover key insights from an Ohio real estate case in our blog, highlighting the significance of Buyer Agency Agreements and the ethical responsibilities of agents. Learn the impact on buyers and the importance of clear, honest communication in property transactions.

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A person sitting at a desk signing a real estate-related contract

New Ohio Broker Direct Residential Purchase Contract

Introducing the Ohio Broker Direct Residential Purchase Contract, a collaborative effort between expert Real Estate Attorney Jay Blazek and seasoned Broker Joan Elflein. This unique contract, tailored for both FSBO and Real Estate Professionals, simplifies real estate transactions without requiring Realtor membership. It features detailed terms for lender financing, earnest money handling, appraisal, and title insurance, ensuring a balanced approach for all parties involved in the property buying and selling process.

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Unveiling Inequality: The Uncomfortable History of Discrimination in Real Estate

In this article we discuss the recent apologies from the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of REALTORS® for the roles they played in perpetuating unfair, discriminatory practices. While these admissions are a good start, there’s still plenty to be done to reverse the effects of the past and ensure a prosperous, equitable future in housing for all. Join Ohio Broker Direct as we continue to stand, as we always have, for fair and transparent industry behavior.

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FCC’s New Rules: A Turning Point for Ethical Real Estate Practices

In this article, we explore the significant changes brought about by the FCC’s new rules on consumer communications. Focusing on maintaining ethical practices and consumer protection, these rules challenge traditional methods in lead generation and contacting prospects. The rules reaffirm our commitment to ethical, transparent real estate services in the present day, marking a crucial step towards industry reform and consumer empowerment.

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